BigZay.com offers a Digital Marketplace for Myanmar Business community to promote themselves at domestic and international level. Our portal enables sellers / business enterprises to create digital profile and product catalog under various business categories and sub-categories with difference business type i.e, manufacturer, wholesaler, trader, import/export, service provider etc. Our qualified team of experts extends all the required service for sellers/ business enterprises to create and publish the business profile and product catalog on BigZay Digital Marketplace. Bigzay.com is promoted and maintained by Maha Infotech Limited, Yangon, Myanmar. Our objective is to enable the technology for the ease of business.


Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Our team of experts creates digital content like logo, image banner / slider, profile video for digital promotion of business and creates awareness via digital channels as per requirement of business enterprise.


We make business websites (Standard website) and e-commerce websites (Dynamic websites) as per requirement.

Standard websites contains details of business mainly includes business objective, vision, mission, area of business & services, corporate & branch office address, list of premium clients, projects done, contact address etc. This doesn’t require frequent updates, you can go for this if you are doing a business like Jewelry Showroom, Transport & Logistics, Car Trader, Showroom Owner, Hospital or Clinic, Construction Business, Professional Consultant like Legal Advisor, Real Estate Agent etc.

Dynamic website requires frequent update of website and is more of an e-commerce kind of website. Business owner needs to update the website with latest available products / services with change in price if applicable. These are mainly of online store be it electrical store, fashion house, Travel and Tourism etc.